Vicious cycle

Many people tell me they have moved on. The tones of their statements hit me sometimes. They don't realize it but often, these statements are laced with a defiance that hides deep hurts. Their eyes, too, fail to support their speech. Some others say it very proudly, hoping to fool others and somewhere, deep down, even themselves.

Is it so easy to move on? If it is, then how come everywhere and every day, we witness breaking bonds, relationships fraying around the edges, warring families ...and the like? Should these not heal if we have really moved on?

Actually, we have not really moved on. Rather, we have let the energies of people move in. Simultaneously, we have literally donated our energies to people. So, naturally, we don't feel well within. But as usual, we have to show bravado outside. So, we do just that. And we cannot feel peace and harmony under these circumstances.

So, it is becomes yet another vicious cycle. At some point, you have to break the cycle by just telling yourself that you will throw away all that does not work for you and start afresh.

I hear people saying, "But now I am too old to start afresh." Really ? Is that a reason or an excuse? Think it through! The feeling of being old again hides very, very old "scar" tissues which get thicker and thicker because you let them.

Hmmm....hard work releasing old pains, right? And yet, there is no choice and no other way to reclaim your invaluable soul.

Therefore, let's wake up NOW, from whichever stage and state we happen to be in.

Surekha Kothari

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