ADDICTIONOvertly, the starting point of any addiction is attributed to a social reason. For example, smoking or drinking could begin with peer pressure, which later, becomes a habit and finally, an addiction. Similarly, over eating, under eating, addiction to sex, obsession for an individual, all these usually have very deep seated emotional issues. They could range from a lack of love in the impressionable years, to loneliness, attention deprivation, traumas, abuses, feeling of being abandoned, losing a loved one , lack of courage, lack of motivation, fear of death, fear of living ( mal function of the environment) and many others. Addictions can stem from a past life or from an energy which was addicted and which has died but hasn’t transcended into the realm of light. If such energy enters and settles down in the aura of an already addicted person, it will not let the individual quit the addiction. Such energies can also enter other weak auras and tempt them into habits which may end in addiction.

Age Regression


If Past Life Regression identifies the issues from earlier lives which disturb us in the current life, Age Regression is a modality which is used to take the client back in the current life to identify disturbing issues. Under complete relaxation, the client is guided through earlier years to visualize any negative events which remained burning within the memory and which the client is carrying as an emotional scar or  burden. Therapy is done after the causes from childhood to the growing years are determined. For example, a person who had a very frightening experience being mauled by ferocious dog can have an aversion to or acute fear of dogs.

Removal of Energy Attachments

ATTACHMENT REMOVALEverything in Creation is a form of energy. We can be visible only when we have a physical form . But we exist in a formless state of being as well when we pass from this world. However, there are beings who do not transit to the next dimension. These are beings who may have had a sudden death or have been bogged down by unfulfilled desires. They also may be beings who have not been allowed to transit due to obsessive attachments of other beings during their time on this earth. Then there are also dark energies that are around us, waiting for an opportunity to take us over. All such energies can come into our energy body only when we ourselves weaken it through our thoughts, emotions  , ego and desires. When our energy body, or Aura as we call it, is weak, it gets either perforated or develops cracks through which these entities can walk into our space and change our intrinsic personalities.

One Classic example is one of addictions. We have seen smokers or alcoholics desperately trying to quit but they keep coming back to the addiction. This may be due to a smoking or drinking energy that wants to continue savoring the taste of the addiction it was used to when it had a form. Similarly, dark energies could enter a weal aura through black magic or leading an unholy existence filled with crime and extreme negativity.

In Hypnotherapy, it is possible to remove such energies to enable the person to retrieve the original personality which had been taken over and altered.

Aura Scan

AURA SCANMany people are confused about Aura Reading and Aura Scan. Kirlan Photography photographs the aura and is a diagnostic tool, like the E.C.G. It tells you the current condition of the aura, and the chakras so that therapy can be sought.

In Hypnotherapy, aura scan is a verbal communication between the client and the therapist, where, under a relaxed state, the client is told to examine the aura for one or more external energies that may have entered the aura with disturbing effect. These energies are then released and healed. After a successful scan, the client can feel major relief to a transformation of personality.



When we are steeped within our issues and negativity, we tend to see only darkness, not the light at the end of the tunnel. At such times, we need to detach from our issues and look at them clinically, based on our deep seated fears, prejudices and emotional scars. Since the mind is in denial and introspection virtually impossible at such times, we offer counseling sessions to provide positive perspectives in thinking patterns on which our speech and actions are built. It is important to maintain a spiritual link with our higher self which enables right thought, right speech and right action. This link is re established by a Counselor through information which can alter the perspective and the individual mind towards a positive consciousness. Sometimes, counseling sessions may have to be supported with hypnotherapy sessions, depending on the intensity and the quality of the issue.



Healing is a generic word implying “becoming well”. When we are unwell in thought, we tend to become unwell in emotions and finally, physically, too. Healing is the result which is achieved through many modalities such as Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Pranic Healing etc. Only “letting go” of our self imposed excess baggage can result in complete healing. We can heal ourselves by accepting who we are and face our weaknesses with courage. Only by acceptance can we achieve alteration and through the right alteration, achieve transformation.



Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. It is also to cleanse the seven major chakras within the subtle body to retain the mental, emotional and physical health of a client. The therapist uses special symbols which are representations of powerful healing “mantras”. By drawing the symbols over the client, these “mantras” are invoked to achieve cleansing, catharsis and healing. It is a very safe and effective modality.

Past Life Regression

PLRThis cleansing technique is based on the theory of “karma” which, in simple words, says, “what goes around comes around”. When we act from a lack of awareness and without a proper understanding of the principles of life and action, we build up the cycle of cause and effect which binds us. Actions result in a reaction. These reactions result in some emotions connected with them which may cause deep hurt, scars and wounds. If the emotions are not cleansed immediately, they filter down into the sub conscious mind and stay dormant, spilling over to the current life and affecting the current life and relationships until cleansed and healed.

Troubled relationships, phobias such as claustrophobia, unnatural fear of snakes, enclosed spaces and asthma find their reasons and answers in past lives.

Those experiences from past lives need to be healed in that life. Past Life Regression is a technique where the therapist navigates for and leads the client into the relevant lifetime where the unhealed events which have shown themselves either in current thoughts, emotions , behavioral patterns or even repeated events can be identified, viewed in detail and closed after healing. Closure of past life events can be a profound tranformat6ional experience which can expand the levels of consciousness manifold. This process has the power to nullify past life “karma” permanently.