“Hypnosis” is a trance like state (just before the sleep stage) which is artificially induced by the therapist through a set of instructions and suggestions. In such a state, the client has a heightened suggestibility and during which the negative files from the modern / primitive memory can be accessed from the subconscious mind, and healed. Hypnotherapy, therefore, deals with issues under an altered state of consciousness where the client is aware and participates fully in the healing process.

It is an intellectual process of collaboration between client and therapist contributing to an effective healing of mental, emotional and physical issues. The possibilities are beyond imagination and endless!

Hypnotherapy is an amazing and effective alternative therapy for those who follow the THREE “A”s as an important attitude for living a healthy and happy life.

  • A for AWARENESS…that there IS an issue which needs addressing.
  • A for ACCEPTANCE… that finding a solution is in YOUR hands.
  • A for ACTION… going for a resolution of the issue to a therapist / doctor.



  • Deals with physical, emotional and mental issues very effectively, specially traumas.
  • Changes the negatives into positives consciously.
  • Can greatly improve inter personal relationships with family and friends.
  • Can eliminate fears and phobias, stress and anxiety.
  • Can cure addictions.
  • Can improve the quality of life immensely.
  • Can alter and elevate the level of consciousness.
  • Can contribute to spiritual growth.

As soon as one takes charge of one’s life with a positive attitude, one has already embarked on the process of change in any given situation in the “here and now.” A therapist is an objective catalyst who can help discover what feelings and emotions lie within the client. The therapist looks at events, feelings, emotions or even ailments and addictions minutely in order to understand these issues better and why they become issues in the first place.

With a deeper sense of understanding and by looking at the larger picture, healing can happen very quickly. It is important to be aware of the thought energy which Hypnotherapy believes is the starting point of all external manifestations. The duration of the therapy, as is always the case, depends on the depth of an issue and the ability of the client to resolve it with faith, positivity and perseverance. It is important for the client to be surrounded by helpful and intelligent family members and friends. Usually, the therapy begins with Cognitive Therapy and progresses on Therapy Sessions.