Talent and confidence

Talent and confidence! It is a two in one package and no two ways about it. Right from the time that parents either encourage and appreciate or the reverse, a person becomes either confident or diffident. When opportunities are denied growing up, talent languishes because of a lack of self belief. "I can do it" and "I am good enough", the two most an important conviction without which whatever is learnt stays unexposed and in utilized. Many, many instances can I quote, of such cases where the talented little child becomes an adult but has not learned to breathe independently, to showcase the uniqueness with aplomb.....

Someone, somewhere did not notice, appreciate or nurture that uniqueness, that talent which lay sacrificed at the altar of hesitation and maybe, timidity also. Or maybe an implicit and innocent faith in the capacity of the discernment of elders which was a faith gone wrong.

Surekha Kothari



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