Sometimes, you go through a phase where you meet the same kind of people again and again…like a repeated pattern. In negativity, you attract negative people and in positivity the positive people. At the same time, there is an unseen film of past karmas that plays in the background simultaneously. We also start attracting those people and events which stun us, are overwhelming and inevitable. We tell ourselves we don't deserve this.

What we call "bad" days or "bad" phases are often of this nature. Some call it the impact of "shani". We must look for a reason, of course. Or an object to transfer blame to acquit ourselves. If truth were to be told, what we tackle day to day is a mix of our own choices and our compromises of those choices. And in all these choices, there is a definite play of our thoughts and actions from the past, some of which mould our present. Those who are within serious spiritual practices get to see more of these challenges in their lives, tests that must be passed before a further elevation is granted.

I have noticed that there is opaqueness in the experience of karma, too. Like, people working behind the scenes and sudden exposure to events orchestrated meticulously behind the scenes...things like that. Dramatic! But true. Anyways, we must deal with such phases without going down and under and hope that our constant companion will be courage. For all times.
Surekha Kothari

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