Get a life!

When there is drought, even a few drops of rain have the power to cause excitement. The kindness of people is similar. Every little sincere act inspires gratitude. The absence of genuine kindness is like a drought. So, suddenly, when you come across people who you haven't had a close connection with but who spontaneously offer help, it makes you can feel those raindrops fall on your heart.

Life has become very clinical, mechanical dance without expression, like music discordant, like a house which is not a home....I guess, I find the soul missing in many around me. And I often feel that souls on the earth must be experiencing much loneliness. Imagine being connected and not realizing it! Being lonely when there really is no need to be so. Deliberately hurting someone , not knowing that it is definitely coming back to you...or often knowing it but still doing it...succors for inviting grief.

Oh! Humans! Get a life!

Surekha Kothari

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