Child depression

Child depression has become a huge issue in the world of today. There were unwanted children, neglected children even earlier in time. However, the sole reason for stress in as young as school children today is the paucity of love, lack of opportunity, devaluation of merit and a desperate run towards. Just to name a few. There is much depression in children, visible and subtle, and it runs deep.

The new and upcoming affluence can demonstrate cluelessness. Some may be struggling to keep abreast of the rapid changes and not being too successful in giving a comprehensive education.

The thumb rule is, we give what we have. Rich parents give material things for the asking. They have money to burn. And thus, their kids burn their lives in it. The educated class ensures the education of their kids. The middle class has motivation and ambition to give their children because they have to and need to teach their kids to become earning citizens. There is not much to fall back on. Lower income groups struggle to give to their children period.

There is so much available out there that much of the depression comes from complete deprivation, the inability to procure what others seem to have. The pressure just to BE is unbelievable.

Somehow, in life, these are the things that matter. You tend to see only that. You seldom focus on those who give or want to give you happiness because they have it and know the value. Ironically, everyone wants it but no one wants to learn about how it can become a part of you. The more they run, the more elusive it becomes.

And when you don't look for the right ingredients, automatically, you fail to draw the attention of your children to the meaningful achievements. And children learn by example.

Unfortunately, parents very often live through their children. This is yet another big source of depression in children today. Fulfilling the ambition of their parents. Being pushed where they don't want to be. Bearing burdens they are too young to shoulder. Growing up before they have enjoyed childhood. Also, misusing childhood because they either have not been taught better or are swayed by the blinding light of parties and temptations, failing to see the darkness behind that blinding light...and everything blind needs eyes of wisdom.

We have much work to dispel that darkness within innocent minds and give them love, hope and a direction , not missing out the most important one: the spiritual one : the way back to their real source.

Surekha Kothari

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